Roxane Berger Designs | shape of space & abstraction
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Shape of Space & Abstraction

Inspiration by the way of the science of microcosms and macrocosms.

My paintings employ the use of elements and principles of design to capture attention but not for a literal translation of the object or scene. Science has fueled my imagination and inspired my painting but they are not seeking scientific proof. I’ve seen cellular structures through microscopes and looked through telescopes to see planets and stars. In my imagination and in my paintings, these images become bigger, brighter and more colorful than what I have seen through those instruments. The imagery in my paintings suggests energy waves of radio, cell phone, television and microwaves, as well as chemical responses within cellular organisms. At times the images are in the background like a frequency of white noise; in other paintings a solar flare up, or an atmospheric disturbance or the constant barrage of messages we willingly put in front ourselves on the screens from cell phones to movie screens that command attention. Each platform has limitations and our focus is constantly changing. It is the tension of what is outside our self and what is inside that I want to see. How do we decide to put something in the forefront or push it to the background?